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+20 years with bits

Born in Santiago de Compostela, the most beautiful city in the world, I have been with a computer under his arm for almost 12 years, a Commodore 64 to be more precise. There I was able to throw the first lines of Pet Basic directly into that blue console of almost white letters (it was hard to get a pure white).

I grew up and studied in Santiago, in a very beautiful time, the explosion of the Cybers… Crack, Vobis, Arañeira, Chats….. Dreams… great time that. And you’d be surprised how many top people, for Spain ahead, came out right out of those “furanchos”. I remember even the day when the famous Juanca came to the Vobis to mount a Debian to manage the ring network from a central server, and also to carry the remote management of equipment and software.

From my hometown I go to the capi, to study computer engineering at the European University of Madrid. That’s where the whole thing started to get serious. He completed the specialty in Artificial Intelligence, and ended his career with practices in a small company in Pozuelo, WorldNet21, already oriented to mobility… it’s 2006 yet.

I go back to Galicia, my partner is here, and the land pulls, home clear…

After a year at a local engineering company, I establish as a freelancer and start working for several clients in Spain and Europe. Soon after, I would create with my ex-partner, Softwhisper Mobile Development, and try to exploit the world of app. When I was 5, things weren’t going as I expected, nor did it personally fill me with what I was doing day by day.

So in 2015, on December, I made a leap to a Dutch company, Mobgen, based in Coruña, where I would start working as a solution architect.

About 2018, Mobgen is acquired by Accenture and I finish today as manager in the software part, for Accenture Interactive.


2020 - Software Engineer Manager - Accenture Interactive
2015 - Solution Architect - Mobgen
2010 - CTO - Softwhisper
2008 - Freelance Ruby Developer
2007 - Developer - Collaborative Engineers
2006 - Developer - NetUEM
2005 - Developer - WorldNet21


Years @12345
Cloud ArchitectXXXX
Software DeveloperXXXXX
API DesignerXXXX
Data Intensive ApplicationsXXX
Large Teams ManagerXX
My top 5s, at least my favorites 😛