IT guy on an IT world

Hi all! My name is Pablo, from the awesome Galicia, working for a Dutch based company as Solution Architect. In the past I run a 4 startups, all mobile oriented. And yes, I studied computer engineering. Under my 4th and 5th grade at University I’ve done the specialization on Artificial Inteligence.

I’m also husband, father, gamer (Overwatch, LoL and PUBG) and an electronic music lover.

Long Story Short, 2 years ago, I decide to start from scratch and continue learning about A.I. (mainly about ML). Was one of the best decicions of my life; not because of the fact of been learning some kind of AI, but for seen the huge improvemnt on the field over tha last 7 years at that point in time (2008-2015).

What are my three main skills?

  • Gamer Husband =)
  • Support of my son
  • Doughter carrie

Honestly, from the technical point of view I don´t have much say. I like everything that can be coded, and I love to code. I have to define my self, probably I´ll be a backend guy, with a bit of sensibility towards to the frontend.

and my three fav books are:

  1. Man’s Search For Meaning (V.E. Frankl)
  2. The Pragmatic Programmer (A. Hunt & D. Thomas) – These guys from PragProg know what they do, more than 20 books from them on my shelf.
  3. Weapons Of Math Destruction (C. O’Neil) –  After reading this one, probably, your faith on AI will go down, not because of the AI it self, but for the humans that will be developing it.

… more coming soon, need to go support now …